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We know, this is the unfun part, but best to learn what you can and cannot do at the Studio!


We won't sell, distribute, or release any of your personal information unless directed to by law.

Refund Policy

Part of your booking fee is to make sure the property is setup and ready to receive you and your guests, and block off the schedule for any other shoots on that day.  Upon your booking, you are agreeing to a 25% non-refundable deposit. The studio credits up to 75% of your fully paid booking if cancellation is made at least 14 days in advance.  Cancellations made more than 14 days will have the 75% refunded. No refunds or credits will be given to cancellations within 48 hours of your booking or no-shows.

Booking Time & Late Arrivals

We cannot control the timeliness of your arrival or that of your guests.  Your booked time begins based on your confirmed booking.  Meaning if you booked starting at 2:00 pm your appointment begins and you may arrive and enter the facilities at 2 pm.  If you have a guest that shows up late, your time window continues inside your allotted booking.  If you should need an extension based on late arrivals we will try our best to accommodate and send a supplemental billing statement.  Please note we do our best to accommodate early arrivals. However, we reserve the right to deny entry until your booking time, as we may not have the property fully ready to accept guests.  Please do not show up 30 minutes early to "set up" as you may be denied entry.  Please plan your booking accordingly and factor in setup time in your booking, as well as time to clean up at the end.  We recommend stopping your shoot at least 15 minutes prior to your end time to allow time to pick up and gather your gear.

Shooting Rules

What you can shoot, how, and where.

Payments & Deposits

Deposits of 25% of your total rental is due upon your booking to secure your date and time. The 25% also covers cancellations and is non-refundable inside the 14 day timeframe, see refund policy for full breakdown.  Your booking must be fully paid 14 days prior to your shoot.

Setup & Take Down

Please return your shoot areas to the state they were in when you arrived.

Your time starts based on when your appointment was, despite potential late arrivals and
ends when you leave the premises. If you are running behind schedule and are going to
run later than your original booked departure time please let us know and we’ll try to
accommodate if there are no prior engagements. You will be sent a supplemental bill for
the added time.

 If you are shooting nudes outside it is the client's responsibility to provide privacy
screens to shield views from the public. This typically means northern and southern
neighbors where nudity could potentially be seen. Anything below our normal fence line
out of view is fine (i.e. inside the pool/hot tub etc). Anywhere inside the building or in the
outdoor shower is fine for nudes.


We want you and your guests to have a safe and pleasant shoot while here. We ask that you practice common sense while posing your subjects and doing your shoot to ensure no one is put in danger.

We’re in the desert! This means (it hasn’t happened yet) you may happen across any of
our desert critters. We get sprayed on a regular schedule and being that I personally
don’t like to see any critters at all, we exterminate to extreme, but running across a critter
cannot be entirely ruled out. Please let us know if this happens so we can deal with it. If

If you plan to shoot in the raw desert space at our location, please practice caution. We
have cholla cactus in that portion of the yard and it is raw desert. While beautiful, lots of
prickly things.


Absolutely no AC electrical equipment (plugged in) within 15’ of the pool or hot tub. All lighting must be battery pack only, without exception.  We cannot stress this enough.  If found, it is immediate removal from the property and no refund will be issued.

Please take care of our things. We don’t lock down the property when we have guests,
so please practice respect and care. If something does get damaged, please let us
know, so we don’t have the everlasting mystery and blame another party and we’ll deal
with it.


All use of chemicals or dyes must be approved before hand, this includes milk baths.


Fresh towels will be made available for any water shoots - just let us know!

We usually have bottled water on hand for you and your party available.

If you have a long shoot and bring lunch or have it brought in just let us know and we will
take care of storage.


Want music? We can do that, just supply a Spotify playlist or channel you want to listen
to 24 hours ahead of time and we’ll make sure you have anywhere on the property.
We strive for you to have a great experience while at the property, if there is anything we
can do to enhance your experience please let us know!


 We have many extra lights, remote flashes, and other items in case of equipment failure.
Let us know and we may be able to help.


Each area listed in your shoot will be disinfected prior to your arrival and all areas are
disinfected immediately following your departure.

You’ll find multiple hand sanitizer bottles in your shoot areas and around the property.

We may update, alter, change, or enforce additional requirements to help insure our safety and that of our guests at any time based on our discretion.

Shooting Content

You are free to shoot any content or images that don't involve penetration or pornography as long as the proper safety and privacy guidelines are adhered to.  This means privacy screens if outdoors. 

Model and Photographer Safety

We want both our models and photographers to feel like they are in a safe environment.  Since many times it's potentially peoples' first times working together we would appreciate it if you adopt the following:

1. No locked doors during shoots.  We won't disturb you and there is no reason to lock them during a professional shoot.  The only exception is to use the restroom and models are free to lock the model changing room door while they change.

2. Should either party feel unsafe with their shooting counterpart at any time, and need help ending a shoot please let us know, you can find either of us in our offices, or you may text (602) 679-0198 to ask for assistance.  Either party is welcome to remain on the property until the offender has departed the premises.  If you are the offender you won't be allowed back.

Your Crowd

How many you can have, details for the Organizer, and about your Participants

Organizer's Responsibility

If you are the organizer, it is your responsibility to ensure your participants understand the rules of the studio.  Copies can be available upon request when you arrive.  In the waiver you will sign when you arrive, you are accepting financial responsibility to those in your party, and we want to make sure you don't have any issues. 

In addition, if your participants become and issue, we may prematurely shutdown your shoot if we feel they are acting in a manner that has an increased risk of damage or injury.  Please help us make your shoot a success and manage your group.


Unless discussed ahead of time, for Single Photographer bookings you can have a maximum of 6 people (including the photographer) onsite at any one time.  If you feel the need for a larger shoot, please contact us ahead of time to discuss your needs.  In the event, you exceed this number, we'll pull you aside and ask that you reduce the crowd.

Open and Closed Door Policy

You may access any rooms that have open doors.  However, any doors we'd like to be kept private will be closed.  So we ask that you stay out of the rooms with closed doors.  Please remember, we don't always get a chance to greet your guests because we want your shoot to respect the privacy of your guests.  It is the Organizers responsibility to inform the Participants of the studio rules.

Group Safety and Manners

We are pretty laid back.  We do ask that our guests treat our studio with the same respect they'd treat their own.  This means shutting front and back doors, informing us of any breakage, or spills, and doing your best to ensure the property looks the same way when you leave as it did when you arrived.  

We are a professional studio.  To that end, we expect that our patrons act in a professional manner.  We understand that some shoots incorporate alcohol.  We don't police this element of your shoot.  However, if we feel your patrons are getting out of hand, we'll politely pull the organizer aside, and ask that you get your group under control.  If there is a second warning, we'll ask you to kindly ask the offenders to depart the property.  If behavior continues to be an issue, we shut down your shoot and no refunds will be given.  If at any time we feel any behavior poses a severe risk of injury or damage, we may ask you to leave immediately.

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