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Luxury Shoot Spaces

Starting at $55 per hour

The Ultimate Setting

Our studio sits on over 1.3 acres of serene Arizona high desert land. Just far enough away from the noise and hustle & bustle of the city, but an easy travel from anywhere in the valley and it's worth it. Come see what the Studio has to offer in the heart of the Mesa foothills of Boulder Mountain.

Studio At Boulder Mountain Outdoor Shower Studio

Outdoor Shower

Slate & Stucco

Studio At Boulder Mountain Master Marble Bathtub

Master Bathtub

Traditional Marble & Dark Wood

Studio At Boulder Mountain Heated Pool & Hot Tub

Heated Pool & Hot tub

Tropical Inner Yard with Desert Behind

Studio At Boulder Mountain Natural Arizona High Desert

Natural High Desert

Breathtaking Sunrise & Sunset

Experience Comfort & Privacy

We believe in order for you to capture your best images as a photographer and perform your best as a model you need to be relaxed and most importantly comfortable in your surroundings and your privacy.  You're here to accomplish a goal, and we want to help facilitate that.  Your accommodations will include private model changing room with your own bathroom, multiple refrigerators to store lunch on those long shoot days, and music to suit that can be heard throughout the property. 


What you won't find is us.  We'll typically greet all of our guests, and cover the waiver procedure, then we'll disappear so you can perform at your best.  Should you need anything special, just let us know and we'll be happy to assist.

Get Creative
With Limitless Options

One of the many great benefits about shooting at the Studio At Boulder Mountain are our many options of shoot spaces available to you.  With impeccable natural light that you can control, and a spectrum of options, you can find a new creative idea every time you shoot.

SaragGrimwood0418house-shower - IMGL2903-Edit.png

Outdoor Open Air Shower

Slate & Stucco With Lighting

LizAshley0521class-house- DKAL9920-Edit-Edit-1-2.jpg

Ornate Bronze Entry Foyer


SaragGrimwood0418house-shower - IMGL2658-Edit.png


Bar W/Stone

Tuscan Modern

Villa at WM-8549.jpg


Master Bath


SaragGrimwood0418house-shower - SaragGrimwood0418house-showerSaragGrimwood0418house-shower



Travel Themed &

Art Rustic

Tub In Marble


Modern Traditional 

Marble & Dark Wood

MarcelaEmma0719house MarcelaEmma0719houseDKAL6235.jpg


Pool & Hot Tub

Tropical Inner Yard with Native Desert


Deluxe Kitchen & Appliances

Tuscan W/ Kitchenaid

Pro® Appliances

MarcelaEmma0719house MarcelaEmma0719houseDKAL6127.jpg

18' Glass

Wall Slider

Tuscan Modern


Master Bedroom Chaise

Teal with French Traditional

LizAshley0521class-house- DKAL9585-Edit.jpg

Master BR

Large  Window

White & Teal French Traditional 

Barbara1018Dania-house-studio - IMGL9868-Edit.png


High Desert

Natural Arizona 

High Desert

What Clients Say

"Awesome location. I love doing shoots and classes there. Super friendly and amazing natural light everywhere. And that outdoor shower…."

- Dave Kelley

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